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The Al-Slam wheelchair team achieved a unique historic achievement after being crowned with the bronze medal and third place in the 7th West Asian Club Championship, held in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Al-Slam participated in the Asian Championship for the second time in a row, and presented respectable results in the presence of the member of the Palestinian Olympic Committee, Khaled Al-Wadiyya.

Al-Slam presented a fighting picture in its fourth meeting with last year’s Asian champion, and runner-up of the Arab Championship two weeks ago, Kuwait, before losing 64/55 under the leadership of Egyptian coach Hussam Abbas, who expressed his admiration and amazement at the fighting spirit of the Gazan team.

Al-Salam is considered the “black horse” of the tournament through the four games he played in the tournament, which made him admire the followers, and the team includes only 7 players, among them Zahir Shalat the Moroccan professional.

The organizing committee is preparing to honor the peace team on Saturday night at the Prince Hamza Hall, after the title was limited to the Kuwaiti Al-Kuwait club and the Jordanian Ajil Al-Jad club.

Al-Wadi expressed his great admiration for the peace team, followed the peace game and its Kuwaiti counterpart, and raised the spirits of the players before and after the game, and promised to support the Paralympic Games and wheelchair basketball, which achieved quality achievements. and tournaments at the Arab, Asian and international level.

In turn, chairman of the organizing committee and president of the West Asian Federation Muhammad al-Khazal’a He expressed his pride for the team that comes from the Gaza Strip, after suffering for its arrival in Jordan, and presenting high artistic performances that dazzled everyone who watched the tournament.

The champion of Gaza beat the future team, the champion of Jordan and the champion of the occupied West Bank, and narrowly lost in the games between Agil Al Gad and Kuwait Kuwait, Jordanian, while noting that this is the only team that played four consecutive days in an atmosphere that the Gazan player was not used to in light of the numerical lack of players.


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