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American businessman Elon Musk wants to break into the world of artificial intelligence through a company he intends to establish, describing it as a “third horse”, representing his “triad” of companies after Tesla for electric cars and the “Twitter” platform for social communication, as he seeks a way for the new company to compete In “Google” and Microsoft.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Musk as saying that “it is necessary to establish an artificial intelligence company that will compete with Google and Microsoft as soon as possible.”

Musk made these comments during the Wall Street Journal CEO Council Summit in London, which he opened with a virtual presence, saying that “his efforts to transform Twitter, which he acquired last year for $44 billion, are bearing fruit.”

He added, “Twitter is not profitable, but it may generate positive cash flow as early as this June.”

Twitter, which has not publicly announced its financial results since Musk took it private, has not made a profit since 2019.

Musk suggested, according to the newspaper, that “Twitter will be part of his efforts to create an artificial intelligence company,” and explained that “the electric car company Tesla is using artificial intelligence to improve its advanced features to assist the driver.”

He said that “Twitter and Tesla could partner with an artificial intelligence company,” according to the paper, noting that Musk has founded an artificial intelligence company called “XAI.”

“I think there should be an important third horse in the artificial intelligence race,” Musk said.

According to the newspaper, the head of Twitter and Tesla has a long history of trying to direct the development of artificial intelligence, although others sometimes surpass him.

Musk expressed concern about the rapid progress in artificial intelligence and called for government regulation, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“There is a slight possibility of destroying humanity, but it’s not 0 percent,” Musk said.

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