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A joint statement by Saudi Arabia and the US said that they had noticed an improvement in respecting the short-term ceasefire agreement and the humanitarian arrangements in Sudan.

“Following the serious violations on May 24, the mediators Saudi Arabia and the United States turned to the sides, and emphasized that the renewal of fighting endangered civilians, delayed humanitarian aid and prevented the return of services,” the joint statement from the Saudi Foreign Ministry and the US Embassy in Khartoum read basic objectives, which undermine the main goals of the ceasefire.

Saudi Arabia and the US have warned the parties against further violations and appealed to them to improve respect for the May 25 ceasefire, explaining that this is what they did on May 25, and humanitarian actors have delivered some urgently needed medical supplies to several locations in Sudan. Maintenance teams able to carry out repairs to begin the restoration of telecommunications services in Khartoum and other areas of Sudan.

Saudi Arabia and the United States urged the parties to move forward with the positive progress made on May 25 for the remainder of the short-term ceasefire and to fulfill their obligations under the May 11 Declaration of Commitment to protect civilians in Sudan, noting that both sides must put the needs of the Sudanese people first. the first and meet the conditions they agreed upon just a few days ago.

Saudi Arabia and the United States called on the parties to fulfill their obligations under the ceasefire agreement and to take the necessary steps to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid and the restoration of basic services.

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