West Bank – Safe

The resistance operations continued in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem during the last week, resulting in the injury of 12 settlers and soldiers, while 3 civilians were killed.

During the period between 05/19/2023 and 05/25/2023, the Palestinian Information Center “Mathi” recorded 185 acts of resistance, including 24 shootings and 1 attempted trampling.

The young rebels burned down a military installation of the occupation, in addition to destroying 7 Israeli vehicles and military equipment in separate parts of the West Bank.

The young men threw Molotov cocktails and firecrackers in 9 places, and clashed with settlers in 15 areas in the West Bank.

Also, resistance fighters detonated 7 home-made bombs against the occupation forces, while 67 clashes broke out between the youth and the occupation forces, including 50 stone-throwing operations.

The martyrs who died during the last week in the West Bank are: Muhammad Bilal Abu Zeitoun, Fathi Rizq and Abdullah Abu Hamdan from the tents of Balata in Nablus.


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