Brussels – Sapa

Today, Saturday, the capital of Europe, Brussels, will witness a public, cultural and artistic festival in support of the Palestinian resistance and to face 75 years of Nakba, occupation and racism.

The Samdon Network for the Protection of Palestinian Prisoners, in cooperation with many Palestinian, Arab and friendly associations and organizations, announced the organization of the open-air resistance festival (Bethlehem Square today, Saturday 27.5 at 16:00 – 20:00) with the participation of the “Rajin” band for dabka and Palestinian folklore. The rapper and activist artist “Lo Ka” and a number of Arab artists from France, Great Britain and others

It is expected that (the resistance festival) will witness cultural and art programs, special sections for children, and a political speech by the Palestinian revolutionary alternative movement. Liberation movements from Africa and Asia and partisan forces and trade unions in Europe will also participate. A festival to express their position in support of the rights of the Palestinians and to call for a comprehensive boycott of the Zionist entity and to strengthen the role of the international popular incubator and its formation around the resistance and the approach of return and liberation

Samdon called on the Palestinian and Arab popular gatherings to participate widely in the activities of the “Festival of Resistance and Victory” in the capital of the European Union, along with 23 years since the liberation of South Lebanon, and to express their support for the resistance and their support for the struggle of the national movement imprisoned in the prisons of the occupation.


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