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The Committee for Detainees and Ex-Detainees in the Southern Governorate reported that the prisoner Shadi Samir Abdel-Wahab Halawa (40), a resident of the Jabaliya camp in the north of the Gaza Strip, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, threatened an open verdict. A hunger strike to protest his policy of frequent transfers between prisons and cells.

It is worth noting that the transfer of the prisoner disturbed his life and caused him a state of instability, despite being one of the families sentenced to life imprisonment, in addition to suffering from liver diseases and problems with the heart, kidneys and nerves.

Hassan Kanita, the director general of the Gaza Commission, explained that the prisoner Halawa, who is staying in “Ramon” prison, gave the prison management one last chance until next Sunday to comply with his request, while threatening that then a hunger strike will begin if his request is rejected.

Kanita pointed out that the prison management deliberately moves the prisoner Halawa between prisons from time to time, so that his stay in one prison does not exceed more than 4 months and less periods in one room, which worsened his health condition and created mental and nervous stress for him all along the way. calm down.

Kunita added that the prisoner Halawa repeatedly called on the management of the occupation prisons to stop this policy and to find a radical solution to his repeated transfer and deportation process, to no avail, noting that this behavior contradicts the stated understandings between the prison management and the prisoners. , with the exception of those who are known worldwide from the deportations, and are working to resettle them for long periods in their places of detention due to the length of their sentences.

It is worth mentioning that the prisoner Halawa was arrested by the occupation authorities on 12/12/2005 and sentenced to life imprisonment four times and 40 years.

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