Occupied Jerusalem – Safe

The occupation army today began investigating the success of a knife-wielding Palestinian infiltrating a settlement south of Hebron and attempting to carry out a stabbing attack there.

The newspaper “Yediot Ahronoth” reported that the investigations focused on the question of how the attacker, who stormed the “Tana Omer” settlement this morning (Friday), was able to break into the settlement through its main gate, where he infiltrated inside by crawling under the main gate.

The newspaper noted that guarding the gate is the responsibility of a security company, as the gate was devoid of any guards during the operation, as the attacker managed to get near a Jewish synagogue carrying a knife, before being shot by a member of the settlement’s defense squad, who was killed on the spot.

Whereas the settlers accused the army of ignoring their lives by clearing the entrance to the settlement and appointing a private security company for this complex task.

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