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Today, Friday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 3 civilians, during a raid on several areas in the northern occupied West Bank.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces arrested the freed prisoner, Fadi Kamel Zakharna, after storming the town of Kabatia in Jenin, raiding and searching his family’s home.

They also arrested the young man, Alaa Athamana, from the town of Fakoa, northeast of Jenin, after he stormed the village and raided his family’s home.

The occupation forces arrested the two young men, Adel Abu al-Eyal and Ibrahim Abu Alfa, before releasing the latter after a short time, and taking Abu al-Eyal to an unknown destination.

The occupation forces stormed the villages of Bir al-Basha, Umm al-Tut and Beit-Ked, and increased their military presence in the villages and towns of the district.

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