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The Islamic bloc at An-Najah National University in Nablus has announced that it is going to challenge the decisions of the election committee mentioned above, in accordance with the law and regulations and by applying the law and the constitution as much as possible. Fairness and justice.

The group expressed reservations about the approval of the An-Najah administration to divide the seats in the student council according to the division (6-6-1), and called for a re-examination of this, as stipulated in the constitution regulating the elections for the student council. The winning block has the privilege of having an additional member honored in it for the next block.

In the announcement, the group confirmed that an interpretation that oppresses one group at the expense of another should not be adopted, and that a decision to adopt an interpretation over another, apart from prior coordination with the student groups and informed, does so. Not giving the proper impression of the required transparency and justice.

The bloc rejected the election committee’s decision to exclude two of its candidates from the list of the general conference, explaining that it submitted the preliminary list of candidates on Tuesday 9-5-2023 CE, and the last period for filing appeals was on Thursday the 5th. -11-2023 AD.

She noted that the Election Commission did not reject any of the names on the bloc’s list within the legal period for appeals.

The Islamic Bloc at An-Najah University achieved a deserved victory in the An-Najah University Student Council elections last week by obtaining 40 seats compared to Fatah Youth’s 38.

In turn, the student Marwan Naim Issa, the Islamic bloc’s candidate for the presidency of the student union council at An-Najah University, confirmed the validity of his candidacy procedures in accordance with the student council constitution that regulates the election process.

Issa explained that he submitted his candidacy through the Islamic bloc’s list, in accordance with the dates and conditions set forth in the constitution of the government student council and in accordance with the candidacy requirements stated therein.

He noted that there was no appeal after the periods of opposition to the candidates and periods of checking compliance with the conditions by the election committee had passed.

He renewed the commitment of the Islamic bloc to work according to its motto (science, resistance and creativity) and to remain loyal to the students and protect their rights.


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