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The latest readings and weather forecasts indicate that the region will be exposed to a five-year warm state, the beginning of which will begin to affect the region today, Friday, while it will reach its peak on Saturday.

The meteorologist at the Palestinian weather website, Alhad “Assim Asida”, told “Tsafa” that Hamsiniyya’s condition is the most severe this season, and it will affect the region on Saturday, especially in the plains and interior areas, where the temperature is expected to reach 40 degrees Celsius.

Vasida noted that the expected temperature in Jerusalem is 34 degrees, while it reaches 40 degrees in Jenin, Tulkarm and Kalkilia, while the temperature in the Jordan Valley exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, and on the beaches the weather is hot, with temperature. reach the mid-thirties.

Assida noted that there is a chance for sandstorms tomorrow, Saturday, especially in the second half of the day, with an increase in the fifties, dusty winds and a chance for muddy rain.

On Monday, the region will see a drop in temperatures, while maintaining a level higher than the annual average, and the region will be exposed to a state of atmospheric instability, spotty rain accompanied by thunderstorms that begin in the south and then expand to other regions. in the center and north, and it may be heavy at times.

Esida warned of the danger of floods and floods mainly in the Negev and the Jordan Valley, in addition to a warning of wind gusts that could exceed 80 km/h, as well as a warning of high pollution rates from tomorrow until Sunday.

On Monday, the chance remains ripe for rain accompanied by thunderstorms, mainly in the south, while the temperature drops significantly to be at its usual rates.

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