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The Israeli journalist, Alon Ben David, stated today, Friday, that “Hezbollah is jealous of the Islamic Jihad and is considering carrying out actions against Israel”, in his words.

The Israeli newspaper (Maariv) quoted David as saying: “Hezbollah’s operations include the control of the Radwan force in a settlement in the north, but they know very well that this will be their last war, which will leave Lebanon completely devastated,” he said.

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And yesterday Secretary General (Hezbollah), Hassan Nasrallah, said, “Any major war will include all borders and reduce its spaces and fields with hundreds of thousands of fighters, and we have enormous superiority in the human dimension. “

In a speech he gave on the occasion of the Resistance and Liberation Day, he confirmed that “the great war in the region will lead the occupation entity to the abyss and to its death”, while he noted in response to the threats of the occupation. In recent times: “You are not threatening the great war, but we are threatening you with it.”

Nasrallah added, “The enemy must be afraid, pay attention, make no mistake, and make no mistake in any country that could lead to a major war.” in Gaza

Nasrallah spoke about the latest transformations, which are the development of the military capabilities of the resistance forces, an example of which is what we have in Lebanon, in addition to the loss of influential leaders in the enemy entity in exchange for overwhelming trust in the resistance axis and its leaders.”

The Secretary General (Hezbollah) confirmed that “the Israeli rear is weak and weak, and the occupation is ready to flee and is looking for it, and this is one of the most important transformations”, and noted that “our strong point is also the enemy’s rear, which is facing an ideological retreat”.

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