The German Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, said today, Friday, that he will run for a second and final term in office, and will help lead the Olympic movement to overcome the crisis of the emerging corona epidemic, as Bach, 66, led the Olympic Committee through difficult times, but Received good news today. When the organizing committee for the Olympic Games planned to be held in the capital of Japan, Tokyo, announced that all the sites that were equipped to host the events of the tournament this year are ready to host the events next year, after the Olympics were postponed due to the Corona epidemic.

Bach said at the beginning of the first virtual session of the International Olympic Committee: “If you, the members of the International Olympic Committee, want, I am ready to run for a second term as chairman of the committee and continue to serve you the Olympic movement that we all love, for another four years.”

Bach’s announcement was welcomed by dozens of International Olympic Committee members, from outgoing board member Sergei Bobka to John Coates, head of the Tokyo Olympics coordinating committee.

Bach, who won Olympic gold in fencing in 1976, was elected president of the International Olympic Committee in 2013, to take over the role succeeding Belgium’s Jacques Rogge.

According to the rules of the International Olympic Committee, the first term of the president lasts for eight years and he can run for a second term of four years.

Bach, 66, is seeking to run for a second term during the Olympic Committee conference scheduled for 2021 before the Tokyo Olympics, which were postponed from this year to next year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bach described holding the Tokyo Olympics as a “huge task” and reaffirmed that the committee, as well as the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee, are planning “a number of scenarios”, with everyone’s safety as a top priority.

“Nobody knows today what the world will look like in July and August next year,” Bach said.

He added, “We have agreed with our partners and friends in Japan that we must adapt plans according to the demands of the global crisis, while maintaining the extraordinary spirit and mission of our mission.”

He added: “Together, with the organizing committee, we can turn the postponed Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020) into an unprecedented celebration of the unity and solidarity of humanity, and make it a symbol of resilience and hope.”

Confirmation has arrived on the readiness of all 42 sites that were supposed to host this year’s Olympic Games activities, to also confirm that no changes will be made regarding the competition schedule and tickets.

Yoshiro Mori, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Olympics, and Toshiro Moto, Director General of the Committee, said that the measures to combat the new corona virus during the Olympics will be introduced next fall, after which international events can be held. trial phase.

The organizing committee also pledged to reduce costs, pledging to meet the basic requirements of athletes and sporting events, despite reports that the delay would add another six billion dollars to costs.

Mori said that the Tokyo Olympics “are different from all previous Olympic Games. Its image should be safety, security and simplicity”, adding that the Tokyo Olympics “will carry a special value as a symbol of solidarity and unity”.

In his presidential report, Bach warned against a boycott in light of the growing politicization of sports, forty years after the US-led boycott of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

“The ugly heads of the ghosts of the past are rearing their heads in the minds of some people,” said Bach, “Boycotts and discrimination because of political background or nationality are once again a real danger.”

He added, “Today it seems as if there are people who don’t want to learn anything from history: these sports boycotts have no political effect whatsoever. Rather, sports boycotts constitute sanctions only for the athletes of the boycotting country.”

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