The England cricket team withdraws its player for violating safety protocols

The England cricket team decided today, Thursday, to exclude the player Jofra Archer for violating safety protocols, hours before the start of the team’s second match against the West Indies, as determined by the board of directors of the England and Wales Cricket Association. "Archer will go into medical isolation for a period of five days, and he will undergo two tests to detect the nascent corona virus during this period, as his result must be negative before the medical isolation period is lifted.".

added "The West Indies team has been briefed on the matter and is satisfied with the criteria applied"And it was not revealed how Archer, 25, breached the health protocol before the game in Manchester.

Archer said "I am so sorry for what I did, I put not only myself, but the entire staff and management at risk. I fully accept the consequences of my actions, and I want to deeply apologize to everyone".

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