Days after his brilliant victory in Austria, Britain’s Lewis Hamilton returns to one of his favorite tracks this weekend, when he plays in the Hungarian Grand Prix, the third stage of the Formula 1 world championship, as Hamilton prepares for a tight and winding circuit at the Hungarian Ring, located 25 km from the capital. Budapest, and the season Appointed him to a seventh title in the world championship to equal the number of the legendary German driver Michael Schumacher, in addition to strengthening his image as a fighter against racial discrimination.

And after being crowned seven times in Hungary, the Mercedes driver will equal Schumacher’s tally on Sunday if he crowns it for the eighth time in one race, similar to what the German “Baron” did at the French Magnet-Course circuit between 1994 and 2006.

“When I remember the numbers that Michael achieved, it still amazes me,” Hamilton said after winning the Austrian Styria award last Sunday.

He continued, “I’ve always loved Hungary. Budapest and Montreal are the best for me, so I’m excited to be back. It’s an arena where the Red Bull team usually shines, so things won’t be easy.” Hand, the young Dutchman Max Verstappen wants to lead Red Bull to break the monopoly of Mercedes. At the beginning of the season, in light of the crowning of Finn and Terry Bottas in the first round at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, and Hamilton in the second.

Verstappen, who finished third last Sunday behind Bottas, admitted his car did not have the speed to catch the Mercedes duo, the team that has dominated the drivers’ and teams’ championships since 2014.

Red Bull manager Christian Horner believes his car is capable of closing the gap at the relatively slow Hungaroring circuit, but the Dutchman seemed unsure of what his manager was saying, saying, “I don’t know. But I certainly hope things will improve. .”

At the same time as Red Bull’s quest to catch the pair of German teams, Ferrari is looking to heal its wounds after Charles Leclerc (Monaco) and Germany’s Sebastian Vettel left on the first lap of the last race, and the “wild horse” team’s journey lasted just three laps on the Red Bull Ring, before that they collided with each other. And they left with nostalgia.

Vettel, who is in his final season at Ferrari and with press reports suggesting a possible move to the Aston Martin-Racing Point team next season, with Spaniard Carlos Sainz replacing him in the red car, kept his cool, especially after Leclerc apologized. and held him responsible for the accident.

“At least I won’t have to wait long to get back in the car, so let’s hope Hungary is better for us,” said Vettel, who was crowned four times world champion with his former team Red Bull.

Team manager Matthias Binto is under a lot of pressure in Italy in light of the disappointing start, especially after admitting that Ferrari is losing a second a lap to Mercedes, which will frustrate the team’s fans and the Italian media.

Ross Brown, director of the Formula 1 World Championship and former technical director of Ferrari, believed that the Italian team had “a long way to go” before improving its performance in the first category.

“They need to find out if there’s a fundamental problem with the car, and they need to find out quickly, because obviously they’re out of rhythm,” said Braun, who oversaw Schumacher’s five consecutive titles with Ferrari from 2000 to 2004.

Similar to the first two races, the competitions are held without fans in light of the health measures imposed to prevent the outbreak of the new corona virus, and the Hungarian government insists that all concerned, especially those arriving from outside the European Union, stay in their hotels, except for traveling to the track or the airport.

“The restrictions apply from the moment of entry into Hungary,” said the head of the Mercedes group, Toto Wolff.

He concluded: “Just as we do not discriminate between nationalities, we want to be at the forefront of the fight in Formula 1 for equality and non-discrimination, so the last thing we will do is to give privileges to one group over another.”

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